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Curragh Stable Yard – Important Information

September 29, 2017

“Due to the commencement of construction work on the new stableyard and refurbishment works on the existing stables at the Curragh, the stable yards will remain closed until further notice while these works are carried out. The period of closure is not definite as we are working with existing buildings and a constrained site, but we do hope to have stables available to us again within a number of weeks. We will be working to re-open stables as soon as possible.

The horse box park and ramps will remain open for use throughout this period and will be closely supervised by CRL. However, this area will be adjacent to a live construction site for a period where there will be some construction traffic and high noise levels at times. We will be working to minimise both. CRL staff will be available to liaise with all trainers wishing to use the car park and unloading area for Training Grounds purposes. Please note that there is an alternative unloading area at the Mile Gate available.

CRL staff will be onsite throughout this period and supervising all traffic entering the stableyard car park. We will keep you updated on progress. Thank you for bearing with us. ”


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