2017 Facilities

2017 Facilities

The New Curragh – The Future

The new Curragh will see the creation of world class facilities on a par with the best anywhere in the world. The centre piece of the redevelopment will see the creation of a major new grandstand which will incorporate five star corporate facilities, restaurants, bars and superb viewing facilities.

A new arrivals and reception area will incorporate a museum to celebrate the history of racing in Ireland and the contribution Ireland has made to the sport worldwide. A new parade ring will ensure that more patrons can share in the excitement and build up to the racing.

A new weigh room will provide even better facilities for the jockeys, while a completely refurbished stable yard will ensure that the real stars of the sport will also have first class facilities. And all this while retaining the unrivalled atmosphere and unique spirit of the Curragh is retained. Read More: http://curragh.mediaonesupport.com/curragh-redevelopment/


The project is set for completion in 2019 and in the interim we ask you to bear with us as we embark on this exciting journey.

2017 Facilities

During the redevelopment of the enclosure there are currently in temporary facilities in place with a limited capacity of 6000 people. In order to make the customer experience as enjoyable as possible we have tried to ensure we have all the regular facilities to accommodate racegoers.

There are no changes to the track, there are upgrades to the stable yard (some of which are complete) and in 2017 the current parade ring and pre-parade ring are still in use. The only permanent structure remaining in the enclosure for 2017 is the Champagne Bar.

Changes have also been had to be made to the car parking facilities for 2017 due to the layout of the construction site. A new car parking layout is in place – map detailing this below.

Map of 2017 Enclosure

Grand Hall

The temporary Tote Hall encompasses a Paddy Power Shop, Tote, a coffee dock which serves sandwiches and pies, a Spar shop, a bar, seating and plenty of screens to watch the racing.

Fine Dining Facilities

O’Brien’s Champagne & Wine Bar

The Champagne bar is the only permanent structure remaining in 2017. A cool and contemporary restaurant, recently remodeled, serves great champagne and a range of delicious wines as well as fabulous food. Ideally suited to small groups and couples and situated just inside the main entrance, facing the parade ring.  3 Course Luncheon and admission available from only €75pp – We offer a choice of 2 sittings and booking is recommended and essential for classic race days. Click here for more info or to book online.

Hospitality Marquee

The high quality two story Hospitality Marquee on site for 2017 during our redevelopment boasts two high quality restaurants – The Champions Terrace on the upper level and the Legends Restaurant on the lower level. With a capacity for over 150 guests each of our restaurants are ideally suited to larger groups and parties. Great value lunch & admission packages available from just €75 pp – Booking is recommended and especially on classic race days. Click here for more information or to book online.

Casual Dining Facilities

Garden Plaza

At the heart of the enclosure the garden plaza is the perfect place to be in the centre of the action – with covered seating, bookies ring, stage, big screen, bar and street food units it’s the ideal place to base yourself for the day. The street food units offer a high end grab and go eating experience with food from local restaurants such as Hartes, Dew Drop Inn, Silken Thomas and Lock 13.

Race Day Facilities

For more information on race day facilities click here: http://curragh.mediaonesupport.com/visiting-the-curragh/race-day-facilities/