Track & Ground Info

Track & Ground Info

Track Information

The Curragh is a right-handed horseshoe shaped course with a circuit of two miles with no sharp bends and a straight run in of three furlongs uphill. The Curragh includes a straight mile course and two round courses – plate and Derby. It is widely recognised as a very fair galloping track.

Ground Report

4th September

The going is Good to Yielding on the Round Course. Yielding on the Straight. Forecast 7mls tonight, changeable week ahead.

5th September

Issued 9am: Following 12mls of rain overnight. The straight course is soft. The round course is yielding to soft. Forecast mainly dry today & tomorrow rain from Thursday onwards.

6th September

Going: Following 2mls of rain the straight remains Soft. The Round course is Yielding to Soft. Forecast dry day today, showers thereafter.

7th September

Issued 8.30am: Going on the Straight is now yielding to soft. The round is yielding, good in places. Forecast unsettled over the coming days.

8th September

Issued 8am: The going in the straight is yielding to soft. The round is yielding ,good in places. Forecast , showers over the coming days expected amount between now and racing 7 mls.

9th September

Issued 9am: Following 3.2mls rain, the round course is yielding, the straight course is yielding to soft. Forecast light showers.

10th September

08.30 Following 2 mls. Of rain the straight is soft yielding in places. The round is yielding. Forecast light showers.

14.50 Change in going: Soft to Heavy on Straight and Soft on Round.